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IMTC is now part of MEF

MEF has transitioned all assets from and continues the ongoing work of IMTC, International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium.

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International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) is an international community of companies working together to enable real-time, rich-media communications between people in multiple locations around the globe.

The Power of Community

The IMTC community welcomes professionals of diverse skill-sets and sectors, including:

  • Telecommunications hardware and software providers
  • Internet application developers and service providers
  • Telecommunications industry players
  • Equipment vendors
  • Educational institutions
  • Government agencies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • End-users
  • Carriers

Our Mission

To promote and facilitate the development and use of interoperable, real-time, Multimedia Telecommunications products and services based on open international standards.

Our Goals

  • To be an unbiased source of information to end users, press, industry analysts, legislators, regulators and the industry.
  • To advocate the common interests of the industry through education and promotion
  • To identify potential obstacles to the growth and success of the industry and to implement or recommend optimal solutions.
  • To promote and facilitate interoperability testing of real-time, Multimedia Telecommunication products and services.
  • To develop and advocate requirements to standards-making organizations.
  • To provide opportunities for industry participants to meet, exchange ideas and information, and shape the future of the IMT.

IMTC Structure

IMTC is an open organization, controlled by its Voting Members. A Voting Member is a company that has paid dues and is qualified for IMTC Full Voting Membership in good standing.   Voting members elect the Board of Directors, approve the annual budget and any changes in the Corporate By-Laws.

The IMTC follows a defined consensus decision-making process.

Working Groups (WGs) perform technical work and drive their achievement primarily through ActivityGroups, (AGs). Each of these AGs addresse a particular area. All members are encouraged to participate in AGs, initiate discussion, share view and help resolve technical issues. This reflects IMTC’s strong commitment to an inclusive, open structure and a make things happen environment