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‘If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development’. Aristotle

Since its inception, IMTC served as an industry convergence point for Voice, Data, and Video over IP. As the rich-media communications concept evolved from traditional switched networks solutions to IP networks, ITMC was there to set industry standards.


  • 1993: The Consortium for Audiographics Telecommunications Standards, Inc. (CATS) was established.Its focus was on the T.120 standards suite for multipoint data conferencing. Multimedia Communications Community of Interest (MCCOI) was established. Its primary focus was on the ITU-T H.320 (ISDN) and H.324 (POTS) standards suites for multipoint video communications.
  • 1994: IMTC was established in September 1994 through a merger CATS and MCCOI
  • 1995: IMTC merged with the Personal Conferencing Work Group, Inc. (PCWG). The PCWG had also focused on multimedia Telecommunications standards as well as the end-users angle
  • 2010: TIP Protocol was transferred to IMTC to facilitate the distribution of TIP Protocol documentation licenses as well as host interoperability events and the development of future enhancements to the protocol.
  • 2011: IMTC addresses rich-media deployment obstacles and interoperability in enterprise and wide area networks.
  • 2013:IMTC celebrated its 20th Anniversary in Porto, Portugal
  • 2014: IMTC and UCI Forum merged into one consortium. The UCI Forum defined interoperability profiles and certification tests, implementation guidelines, and best practices for interoperability between UC products and existing applications.

IMTC sponsors diverse initiatives in numerous fields, including:

  • WebRTC
  • UC IoT
  • UC SDN
  • MANE
  • IPv6
  • 3GPP technology
  • Packet switched streaming methodologies
  • Enterprise network address translation (NAT)/firewall traversal
  • Mobility/wireless