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SuperOp! 2017

May 13 – 19
Hotel Corinthia
Prague, Czech Republic

The International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC)
, Inc. is pleased to announce that IMTC SuperOp! 2017 will be held at the Corinthia Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, from May 13-19.

The Goal of SuperOp!  is to allow companies that manufacture multimedia telecommunications equipment to make their products work seamlessly with equipment from other companies. Because of the diversity of equipment, protocols and vendors, it is not practical or economical for a single organization to duplicate such large-scale connectivity in its own test lab. SuperOp! provides a unique opportunity to any company that produces multimedia telecommunications equipment to test their equipment and services at an unprecedented level. This event will enable manufacturers of multimedia communications products and solutions to test the interoperability of current and future offerings across various networks.

Join us for the 22nd Annual IMTC Multimedia Products and Services Interoperability Testing Event. Testing will include, but will not be limited to the communication technologies such as WebRTC to SIP interworking, ICE/STUN/TURN, H.26x SVC, SIP over IPv6, SIP and H.323 Video Conferencing, Telepresence/TIP, IMS, VoLTE, RCS, Video over LTE and many others.

Member Fees

Participation – $675 / per person (includes lunch, welcome reception and a dinner excursion)
1st Booth – FREE


Location and Hotel Accommodations

Corinthia Hotel
PRAGUE 4, 140 69
Czech Republic

IMTC Group Rate
€156.40 EURO per night (includes tax and fees)
Includes single room with complimentary breakfast buffet and internet access.


You must book your room no later than April 20, 2017 to receive the IMTC Group Rate.