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Letter from the Presidents

June 17th, 2014


Dear IMTC and UCI Forum members and industry associates:


Since 1994, IMTC’s goal was to reimagine the world of IP communications by creating a collaborative effort between industry leaders.

Over the years, both IMTC and UCI Forum consortiums have supported their members in testing and promoting open standard-based communication technologies, in video conferencing and unified communications.


Today, we are excited to announce the merging of IMTC and UCI Forum to be concluded next month, where both organizations will become a single hub; a ‘center of excellence’, for the IP and Unified Communications community.


The purpose behind our merger is to enable and promote a wide-reaching industry forum for our members and to better serve the ever expanding IP communications and UC ecosystem. Our combined organization envisions a shared and diverse forum of best work practices and expertise that will inspire collaboration, and drive the interoperability of all products and services further.

A gradual transition will take place as we approach the official merger date including the migration of UCI Forum’s MANE, UC SDN, SIP over IPv6 and other task groups to existing IMTC activity groups.


As a result of the merger, the combined consortium will have greater capacity to enable end-to-end interoperability in the areas of unified communications, video conferencing, and overall standards implementation, while advancing our effectiveness in these fields.

We sincerely look forward to entering a new phase of interoperability testing and invite you to join us in building the next generation of IP communication testing and standards.


An official press release of the merge may be viewed here.


Best wishes,

Anatoli Levine                                                           Matt Collier
President                                                                   UCI Forum President