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Nan Chen, President, MEF - Driving Digital Transformation at the Network Edge

Over the past 12 months, MEF members have made major strides in driving development of a global federation of network, cloud, and technology providers supporting dynamic, assured, and certified services that power enterprise digital transformation. The combination of standardized overlay SD-WAN and security services and high-performance underlay connectivity services will enable service providers to offer powerful MEF 3.0 hybrid networking solutions with unprecedented user- and application-directed control over network, security, and service capabilities.

Our progress is reflected on numerous fronts:

  • Strong double-digit year/year growth in visitors to MEF.net and MEF member websites, including a greater than 50% year/year increase in August 2020.
  • 25 sponsors so far for the MEF Infinite Edge Series of virtual events starting in November 2020.

In coming quarters, MEF will be heavily focused on delivering on the vision of federated overlay and underlay services; enabling network edge transformation with SD-WAN, 5G, and E2E network and enterprise slices; and integrating virtualized  network security functions into a SASE cloud managed offering. Our work will help communications service providers transform into digital service providers (DSPs). By offering on-demand and dynamic services across automated networks, DSPs are better able to address the challenges and opportunities associated with digital inversion at the network edge – the trend in which more users, devices, applications, and data are located outside corporate walls than inside the enterprise.

Stay tuned, as in follow up blogs I will cover each theme in more detail as to the value and impact MEF will bring to the industry.