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Building a Vertical Business Around Edge Cloud Services: Highlights from MEF 3.0 PoC Showcase 2021

on Posted on Reading Time: 4 minutes

In September 2020, NTT Communications, Netcracker, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, and ADVA joined together to explore the role and technical feasibility of Communications Service Providers (CSPs) offering managed edge cloud services and connectivity to enterprises and industry verticals. The resulting PoC is built around MEF’s LSO framework. They discuss the rationale, goals, and approach the team took.

SD-WAN, Multi-vendor Management and Competing in the Digital Economy

SD-WAN, Multi-vendor Management and Competing in the Digital Economy

on Posted on Reading Time: 5 minutes

How MEF 70: the standardized definition of SD-WAN services and their attributes, plus MEF 55: the LSO Reference Architecture, empower service providers to deliver managed SD-WAN services to their enterprise customers using multiple SD-WAN vendor solutions, while supporting limitless numbers of customer sites.

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