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MEF 3.0 CE is the third generation of MEF-defined CE services forming a key component of the MEF 3.0 global services framework. MEF 3.0 CE orchestration-ready services provide the highest level of performance, assurance, and agility available in the market.

Standardized, Orchestrated Services

MEF 3.0 CE services empower users with the dynamic performance, assurance, and agility required to thrive in the digital economy. Breaking free from constraints imposed by static connectivity, MEF 3.0 CE services provide an on-demand, cloud-centric experience with unprecedented user- and application-directed control over network resources and service capabilities.

MEF 3.0 CE extends beyond today’s widely adopted CE 2.0 services to provide the world’s most advanced standards-based CE services. The MEF 3.0 CE service family includes dynamic E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, Access E-Line, and Transit E-Line services that can be orchestrated over programmable networks using LSO (Lifecycle Service Orchestration) APIs.

MEF 3.0 CE & CE 2.0 Specifications Compared

MEF 3.0 CE & CE 2.0 Specifications Compared

Agile MEF 3.0 CE Certification

MEF is increasing the agility of its popular CE service and equipment certification programs to accelerate availability and adoption of MEF 3.0 CE services and technologies.

MEF 3.0 certification is delivered by MEF’s testing partner, Iometrix, on a revolutionary cloud-based virtual test platform that empowers subscribing companies to certify that their services and technologies comply with the latest MEF 3.0 releases.

The MEF 3.0 framework provides the ability, for the first time, to move to an incremental release approach for both services and LSO APIs and to tightly align certification with each release. Subscribing companies can certify combinations of services and LSO APIs and can certify as often as desired.

MEF 3.0 CE

Specifications & Certification Blueprint

MEF 3.0 CE enhances CE 2.0 E-line, E-LAN, and E-Tree services with new and re-defined service attributes included in a package of MEF specifications published between 2013 and 2017. MEF 3.0 CE also includes new Access E-line and Transit E-line services based on specifications published in 2016 and 2017.

The MEF 3.0 CE Certification Blueprint specifies the service attributes and parameters of MEF CE 3.0 services that are to be verified during certification testing.

The figure on the left shows a comprehensive list of MEF 3.0 CE-related specifications sorted into three major categories: enhanced services definitions and attributes, assurance, and orchestration.

MEF - A Proven Track Record of Success

MEF spearheaded creation of the $80 billion annual global market for Carrier Ethernet services and technology that involves more than 650 service providers and dozens of technology companies worldwide.

  • 100+ service providers in every major geographic region offer nearly 300 CE 2.0 certified services. CE 2.0 services provide the premium digital fuel for the global digital economy.
  • 45 CE 2.0 certified technology vendors offer 400+ CE 2.0 certified devices.
  • 5,560+ MEF-CECPs are employed by 440 companies in 84 countries.

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