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MEF hosts workshops, webinars, and quarterly meetings throughout the year in a virtual environment. Our members have an array of opportunities to speak on topics of their choice. We also partner with event organizers around the globe to promote our work and strategy.  For information contact: Lori Vachon, Director Global Events lori@mef.net.

Nov 2020
Sep 2021

MEF Infinite Edge Series

The MEF Infinite Edge Series brings together industry experts, executives and luminaries to share their experiences and visions for networking, automation and digital services in an immersive digital environment.

We’re bringing the ICT community the best insights on the infinite possibilities of the digital world, across the network core, the cloud and the edge. Get your front-row seat to the premier episode: “SD-WAN: Infinite Hype vs. Infinite Possibilities”!

First episode airs on 18 November 2020.

Save your spot!

For more information visit: https://mefinfiniteedge.com