Intra-Provider APIs

North-South APIs for Intra-domain service and network orchestration.

LSO APIs for Intra-Domain Orchestration

The demand for business velocity and agility drives the modern enterprise. In turn, these aspirations drive the modern digital service provider. Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and their various incarnations, have provided some of the necessary capabilities, but the challenge continues to be the ability to fully orchestrate a subscriber service, end-to-end. In other words, the ability to effectively communicate user intent that is then fully realized by the underlying network infrastructure, dynamically and automatically.

LSO Legato, LSO Presto & LSO Adagio

MEF’s LSO APIs—specifically those running ‘North-South’ within a provider domain—provide the framework to orchestrate services from the:

  • Business-application layer to the service-orchestration layer: LSO Legato.
  • Service-orchestration layer to the infrastructure-control layer: LSO Presto.
  • Infrastructure-control layer to the element-control layer: LSO Adagio.

The result of the North-South APIs is operational automation from business application through to service instantiation on the physical and virtual network resources within a service provider.

Inter-Domain Service and Network Automation

Inter-Domain Service and Network Automation

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LSO Legato

The LSO Legato interface and APIs facilitate interactions between the business-applications layer and service-orchestration functionality within a service provider domain.

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LSO Presto

The LSO Presto interface and APIs enable the service-orchestration functionality to interact with the domain controllers and legacy infrastructure control management.

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LSO Adagio

The LSO Adagio interface connects the infrastructure control layer with the element control layer for the physical network resources.

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