MEF Accelerators

Accelerating industry transformation through practical collaboration on MEF 3.0-inspired projects

Innovation through Collaboration

A hallmark of industry innovation, the MEF Accelerator program provides the seeds of new, collaborative work within MEF, as well as validating the real-world use cases behind MEF standards and the broader industry.

Within the program, MEF member service providers and technology suppliers collaborate to develop and demonstrate MEF 3.0-based use cases that validate, evolve, and inspire the work of MEF in the areas of LSO APIs, LSO Payloads, and LSO Blockchain.

MEF Accelerators offer groundbreaking demonstrations of emerging services and technologies such as SASE, SD-WAN, Zero Trust, inter-provider and intra-provider service automation with LSO APIs, DLT/Blockchain, AI/ML, security, intent-based networking, IP, Carrier Ethernet, Optical Transport and satellite services, 5G, network slicing, IoT, multi-edge cloud, service assurance, and other trending topic areas that further our industry’s vision, embodied in MEF’s membership.

MEF Accelerator Topic Areas

B2B Lifecycle Automation

Use of LSO Business and LSO Operational APIs and associated MEF standards, tools and programs.

Cloud and Network Services

Introduction of new products and services used in the LSO business and operational automation framework.

DAOs and Blockchain

Creation and evolution of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations based on MEF standards, smart contracts, zero knowledge proofs, and decentralized identity services.

Explore our MEF Accelerators

Wolf Town

SLA Report Automation

Service providers automating the generation of accurate and trusted SLA credit reports using smart contracts.

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Hot Mongoose

Building the Edge Interconnect Fabric

Enabling the automated buying and selling of edge computing/IaaS to facilitate the growth of multi-provider telco edge and the expansion of available footprint to enterprise customers from a single supplier.

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Flat Hammer

A New Breed of Enterprise Cloud Network Automation

Addressing the paradigm shift from traditional enterprise networking to fully distributed cloud networks that span multiple provider networks.

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Stone Panther

Next Generation Billing for On-Demand Services

An operational solution based on smart contracts and blockchain to manage a mutually endorsed source of truth for both Buyer and Seller for inventory matching and automated settlement of fixed line data services

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MEF Accelerator Program Milestones

MEF Accelerators evolve according to quarterly milestones set by project participants and are highlighted in the public domain at MEF Accelerator Live events.

MEF Accelerator Live @GNE : 3 – 4 Oct 2023
MEF Members Meeting Canada: 17 – 20 Jul 2023
MEF Members Meeting Rome: 17 – 20 Apr 2023
MEF Members Meeting Los Angeles: 30 Jan – 2 Feb 2023

Be In the Industry

Innovate within MEF

Participating in a MEF Accelerator creates the opportunity for practical collaboration with fellow members and community participants, through compelling industry use cases, based on the latest MEF member innovations. Apply to participate in, or initiate, a MEF Accelerator on the MEF Member Wiki.

All employees of active MEF-member companies are authorized to access MEF Members’ Wiki. Don’t have a login? Register. Not a member? Join MEF. Not sure? Contact Us.

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