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MEF LSO APIs for Business and Operational Services Automation

Introducing a New Portfolio of Services, Programs, and Resources Designed to Help Service Providers Speed Up Implementation of MEF LSO Automation APIs


MEF Market Brief

Accelerating Adoption of LSO Sonata APIs for Inter-Provider Service Automation

New research from MEF indicates a growing number of service providers are embracing standardized LSO Sonata APIs for automation of inter-provider business functions that will enable them to accelerate service delivery, speed time to revenue, and improve customer experience.

This market brief provides groundbreaking insight into the adoption of standardized Sonata APIs that are critical enablers of the automated ecosystem and highlights new MEF resources that are designed to support service providers throughout all stages of their LSO adoption journey.


New MEF research finds LSO Sonata market is taking off

Benefits of Implementing LSO Business and Operational Automation APIs

  • Accelerate service delivery
  • Accelerate time to revenue
  • Improve customer experience and loyalty

MEF has introduced a portfolio of commercial and technical resources designed to support service providers throughout all stages of their LSO API adoption journey. Chief among the new programs are MEF’s LSO API Onboarding & Interop Test (OIT) Service and MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata Certification Program.

diagram MEF LSO Adoption Lifecycle with Phases


To learn more about why MEF has created these resources, watch this video.

Perspectives in Automation

Industry leaders share insights on the LSO API adoption and implementation journey

LSO Automation is a MUST-HAVE

Streamlining Secure Business Transactions with MEF LSO APIs
Automating Wholesale Ordering between Carriers
Automation is the Path to Cloud-Native Network Solutions
LSO Solution Providers – The Easy Button to LSO Automation
Automation is a Must-Have for Service Providers
Automation has Become a Central Theme at MEF

LSO Sonata Benefits

Standardizing on MEF LSO APIs is Critical
Benefits of MEF LSO APIs for AT&T and its Partners
Progressing Partner Automation – Looking Ahead
Building rapid, delivery-ready platforms with MEF LSO APIs
Enterprises need carriers to standardize on Common APIs
Inter-carrier API automation gains significant momentum
MEF LSO API Innovation – What’s Next?
What are the benefits of MEF standardized APIs?
Roadmap from proprietary APIs to MEF Standardized APIs
For sellers, what are the benefits of MEF LSO Sonata?

New MEF LSO API Onboarding & Interop Test (OIT) and MEF 3.0 LSO Sonata Certification Services

What is the MEF LSO Onboarding and Interop Test Service?
What are the benefits of MEF OIT and LSO Sonata Certification Services?
LSO Sonata Certification vs. OIT – What’s the difference?
How MEF APIs and the new LSO Sonata Certification drive Services
Benefits and Highlights of the LSO Sonata Certification
Ease of use of the new LSO Sonata Certification Process

LSO Programs

Why become an LSO API Solution Provider?
Why MEF developed LSO Sonata Tools and Programs

MEF LSO Marketplace

Easy access to the latest MEF LSO APIs and resources.

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