LSO Allegro

Dynamic management of enterprise digital services.

MEF LSO Allegro APIs

Within the LSO Reference Architecture, LSO Allegro APIs address the enterprise customer-to-service-provider orchestration layer for delivered MEF-standard services, including querying operational state, updating dynamic parameters of the service, such as bandwidth for a connectivity service, policy changes, and other interactions related to the operation and orchestration of the enterprise’s digital services. They empower the dynamic management and control of digital services consumed by the enterprise at the Allegro Interface Reference Point.

The related LSO Allegro SDK should apply to any MEF 3.0 service; however, the SDK has not yet been developed for public release.

LSO Allegro Interface Reference Point

LSO Allegro is the Interface Reference Point allowing customer supervision of the LSO service capabilities related to the services being consumed. The interface sits between the customer and the service orchestration functionality (the LSO service orchestrator), supporting control-related management interactions.

Dynamic Management of End-to-End Digital Services for Enterprises

Allegro API

What Can I Achieve with LSO Allegro APIs?

In cooperation with LSO Interlude, MEF 3.0 services can be dynamically and automatically managed and controlled from end-to-end—from the subscriber through to the service provider and any partner operators. The LSO Allegro reference point and APIs support any MEF 3.0 service, thus empowering the enterprise with dynamic management and control of their digital services.

MEF LSO Allegro API advantages:

  • Empower enterprises with operational transparency of their digital services.
  • Automate management of digital service parameters, based on policy.
  • Avoid costly, proprietary interfaces that may lock-in enterprises to a single SP.
  • Enable end-to-end, dynamic service management across multiple providers.
  • Rapidly adapt services to business needs, both on-net and off-net.

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Service providers, technology suppliers, and enterprises are collaborating across the entirety of MEF’s Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO), culminating in the interface to the enterprise. The LSO Allegro APIs will create the necessary path for direct digital service orchestration for enterprises of the MEF 3.0 services. As a MEF member, you can help exchange expertise with your industry peers to deliver dynamic service management. Participate in the MEF 3.0 LSO Committee on the MEF Members’ Wiki.

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